The Valley of Habberley and Hill of Trimpley


George Edward Roberts

This small book by a Kidderminster draper and amateur geologist is a delight. The young 26 year old George Roberts uses his self-acquired geological, botanical and historical expertise to describe the history of the Habberley Valley area from geological times through to the flora existing there in the mid-19th century. The geological information is detailed but, of course, is limited to the scientific knowledge available in the 1850s.

The language is quaintly Victorian and the spelling can be interesting. For instance he spells 'colour' in what we now consider to be the American way - 'color'.

You may access a free download of a transcript of this book (for personal use) by using the link below:

Valley of Habberley and Hill of Trimpley

Other writings by George Roberts can be found on this website, see: G E Roberts

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