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Trade Directories

Trade Directories are invaluable research tools for people studying Local or Family history. the amount of information varies with the Directory and its date but usually provides name of relatively affluent private residents, and a wide range and size of businesses and shops businesses. Also sometimes included is general and historical information about local towns and cities such as official establishments, council officers, local institutions, churches, schools etc.

Here we offer word searchable transcriptions of the Kidderminster section of a few selected Directories. You are welcome to download them for your personal use.

Worcestershire Directory - Kidderminster 1788

Lewis 1820: Kidderminster

Pigot 1828/29: Kidderminster

Pigot 1835: Kidderminster

Slater 1850: Kiddermkinster

Lascelles 1851: Kidderminster

Lascelles 1851: Bewdley

Lascelles 1851: Stourport

Lascelles 1851: Hartlebury (part)

Lascelles 1851: Worcestershire advertisements

Post Office 1860: Kidderminster

Post Office 1870: Kidderminster

Bennett 1905: Kidderminster

Kelly 1916: Kidderminster

Kelly 1921: Kidderminster

Cope 1933: Kidderminster

Kelly 1936: Kidderminster

 Midland Counties 1948/49: Kidderminster

Town Guides

Broadfield Guide to Kidderminster 1889You can access this Guide as an image based PDF file

                            To VIEW the guide click the following link:

Broadfield Guide to Kidderminster 1889 VIEW

           but if you wish to PRINT the Guide it is better to use the next link

                        Broadfield Guide to Kidderminster 1889 PRINT 

Kidderminster Shuttle Industrial Number 1903

   Reproduced courtesy Roger Watkins and digitised by Bob Millward               

To VIEW this Guide click the following link:

                      Kidderminster Shuttle Industrial Number

                          Mates Illustrated Guide - Kidderminster 1908

Reproduced courtesy Roger Watkins and digitised by Bob Millward

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