Recollections of Old and New Kidderminster
by Henry Bennett

Articles entitled 'Recollections of Old and New Kidderminster ' by Henry Bennett appeared in the Kidderminster Shuttle between 11th December 1909 and the 16th April 1910. The last article on 16th April 1910 promised further contributions but none seem to have appeared. Henry Bennett was born in Bromsgrove Street, Kidderminster in 1832 and lived for many years in Cherry Orchard. He was a hairdresser and did his apprenticeship in Ludlow. Returning to Kidderminster he had hairdressing establishments in Mill St and Coventry St before finally settling in Swan St near the old Guildhall (see above). He was also a Town Councillor representing St George's Ward.

Transcriptions of the nine articles in the collection, together with some additional notes, are available by clicking the LINKS below. You may access the whole collection in one go at:

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Two successive articles were given the same number: 'VI'. These have been renumbered VIa & Vib.

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