'Ironside' by Fen Flack

“In 1013 the Danes invade England.  King Aethelred is old and ill-counselled.  Can his son Edmund prove a better king and drive the Danes out?  

In the ensuing struggle, many good men will die and Edmund will earn the nickname Ironside.”

This new book will be launched by Bewdley author Fen Flack on 9th April 2106. Hard copies are available which cost £7.99  (+p & p £2.01).  An ebook is also available. It costs £2.50 and can be pre-ordered using this link:  ebook  

Further information can be found on: Flackbooks

St George's a Waterloo Church 

by Melvyn Thompson   

ISBN 0 9535442 2 2

Hencroft Press  2009

Available from the Museum of Carpet, Green St, Kidderminster or directly from Melvyn (see Link below).  

Built in celebration of victory at the battle of Waterloo the building was originally a chapel belonging to St Mary’s and All Saints.

Consecrated on the 13th September 1824 the chapel had 2,000 seats for the rapidly growing town. Parish Church status came in 1867 but perhaps the most significant event was its complete destruction by fire in 1922. Rebuilt under the direction of Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, architect of Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral, it was rededicated exactly 101 years after its consecration on 13th September 1925. 

St George’s Schools, the Parish Room, the daughter churches of St Cecilia’s and St Chad’s together with the history of St Andrew’s, "the tin church", demolished to make way for the ring-road, are all covered in 164 pages packed with information and photographs. 

The social life of the town and the early influence of the carpet “masters” also form part of this fascinating history. Parish life is well featured with many stories about the clergy, congregation and the characters that have played their part in the church’s traditions.  

Mills & Tall Chimneys
by Melvyn Thompson

ISBN 978 0 9535442 4 0
Hencroft Press 2012

Available from the Museum of Carpet, Green St, Kidderminster or directly from Melvyn (see the link below).

This is one of a number of books written by Melvyn about particularly aspects of Kidderminster related to the history of the Carpet Industry.

A History of Kidderminster
by Nigel Gilbert

ISBN 1 86077 309 5
Phillimore 2004

Available from various local outlets or directly from Nigel.

This is one of a several books published by Nigel.  A full list of his publications can be seen on his website:

Kidderminster's Nonconformist Cemetery
by Scott Pettitt

 Published by
Kidderminster Civic Society 2006

Kidderminster Civic Society

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