Affiliated to the Kidderminster Civic Society, The Historic Kidderminster Project began in 2006, funded by lottery money in the form of the Local Heritage Initiative. One of the main tasks of the project was to record the history of interesting buildings in Kidderminster. This was a partnership with the archaeologists of Worcestershire County Council. Historical reports on particular buildings or streets have been produced by project members and placed on the Historical Environment Record (HER) held by the archaeologists. Printed copies of the reports are available for inspection at the Museum of Carpet, Kidderminster Library and the Worcestershire Archive at the Hive. Digital versions are available on the Civic Society website: Kidderminster Civic Society and on our website via links given below.

Although HKP was wound up as a funded project in October 2008, the work of compiling building reports has continued. We hope that our activity will extend for some years to come.

The reports are intended to be open to possible updating or revision from time to time. 
 Our intention is to involve the public as much as possible. Our organisation is informal and consists of enthusiasts rather than experts. Anybody who has knowledge of a building of historical interest can write a report for the project.

What qualifies a building to be of ‘historical’ interest? We are in no way elitist about this. So, for example, the working class terraced houses and streets are of great interest to us. Virtually everything before 1900 is worth recording and much that came afterwards. We are seeking to view the history of the town and its people through its buildings. It follows that this is not a project primarily about the architectural merit of buildings, but about their social history and the people who lived and worked in them.

Additionally, the funded project 2006-2008 included provision for a radar survey of the churchyard of our historic St Mary's church. This was the beginning of a search for evidence concerning the location of a Saxon monastery or minster church which gave the town the "minster" part of its name. The survey revealed evidence of a buried structure, which could not be identified from recent historical records. A description of subsequent developments can be found on the Kidderminster Civic Society website.

An Index to the content of the building reports can be viewed via the link:     

A list of reports with reference numbers can be sees via the link:  LIST

The collection of Building reports so far assembled by the group (presently numbering 201 as of 16 F ebruaryr 2021) can be downloaded via the links below

Albion Foundry, Pitts Lane (ref:042)

Albion Inn, Broad Street (ref:008)

Anchor Inn, Worcester Street (ref:437)

Barley Mow, The (ref:745)

Barton's Mill (ref:449)

Baxter Church (ref:011)

Baxter House, 116 Baxter Avenue (ref:434)

Beeches, The (Hurcott Road) (ref:751)

Beeches, The (Wolverley Road) (ref:267)

Bennett Street (ref;728)

Bewdley Hill, 142 (ref:279)

Black Horse, The (ref:101)

Blackwell Street, 18-20(ref:433)

Blakebrook Windmill (ref:480)

Blakebrook, 5 (ref:241)

Blakebrook, 9 (ref:244)

Blakebrook, 12 (ref:247)

Blakebrook, 13 and 14 (ref:252)

Blakebrook, 16 and 17 (ref:250)

Blakebrook, 18 and 19 (ref:251)

Blakebrook House (ref:282)

Bradley and Turton (ref:043)

Brass Foundry, 14 Church St (ref:749)

Brewery, Blackwell Street (ref:750)

Bridge Inn, The (ref:004)

Bridgnorth Road, 4 to 7 (ref:265)

Brookland House, 11 Woodfield Crescent (ref:131)

Bull Ring, 5 and 6 (ref:005)

Butts Depot, Park Butts (ref:010)

Cabbies Shelter (ref:007)

Caldwall Manorial Complex (Ref: 501)

Canal Wharfs (ref:047)

Candle Factory, Silver Street (ref:476)

Cedars, the (ref:283)

Chaddesley Road & Holmcroft Nurseries (ref:861)

Chaddesley Road (ref:732)

Chester Road, 216 (ref:487)

Church Walk (ref:731)

Claremont, Chester Road South (ref:105)

Clensmore Mill (ref:481)

Coach and Horses (ref:471)

Coachman's, Honeybrook Lane (ref:753) 

Comberton Hall (ref:474)

Comberton Hill Railings (ref:035)

Comberton Hill, 12, Scotland House (ref:162)

Comberton House (ref:478)

Comberton Road, 192 and 193 (ref:323)

Comberton Road, 194 and 195 (ref:322)

Coventry Street, 21 to 23 (ref:472)

Coventry Street, 108 to 111, Timmis (ref: 475)

Crane Street (ref:726)

Cricketers Arms (ref:483)

Dudley Street (ref:664)

Easthams Farm (ref:224)

Edward Street (ref:742)

Edwin Preston foundry (ref:439)

Elderfield House (ref:460)

Elderfield Lodge (ref:461)

Eymore Farmhouse (ref:215)

Farfield, 2 (ref:325)

Farfield, 3 (ref:324)

Farfield, 25 (ref:327)

Farfield, 26 (ref:328)

Farfield, 49 to 54 (ref:303)

Farfield, 55 and 56 (ref:302)

Farfield general history (ref:301)

Fire Station, Castle Road (ref:061)

Foley Park Halt SVR (ref:039)

Franche Court (ref:272)

Franche Hall (ref:271)

Franche House (ref:273)

Franche Villa (ref:278)

Franchise Street, 46 (ref:755)

Franchise Street, 48 (ref:756)

Freemasons Arms (ref:291)

French Villa, 18 Comberton Rd (ref:436)

Greatfield Hall (ref:295)

Greenhill (ref:294)

Habberley Street (ref:772)

Halifax Farm (ref:856)

Hall Street (ref:663)

Hamilton Rd, 10 (ref:769)

Harveys Wine Vaults (ref:757)

Herons, the (ref:473)

High St, 1 & 2, the drapers (ref:758)

Highclere, 15 Reservoir Road (ref:571)

Hill Grove House (ref:541)

Hillgrove Crescent, 12 (ref:844)

Hoarstone Farmhouse (ref:220)

Honeybrook (ref:754)

Hoobrook Viaduct (ref:033)

Horsefair Tavern, The (ref:002)

Horsefair, 07 to 12 (ref:152)

Horsefair, 13, Shop (ref:443)

Huntsfield Farm & Associated Cottages (ref:216)

Hurcott Rd 346 to 349 (ref:763)

Imperial Avenue, 1 (ref:766)

Ivydene, Bewdley Hill (ref:280)

John Pearsall's House, Puxton Lane (ref:393)

Kidderminster Junction Signal Box (ref:036)

Kidderminster Railway Museum (ref:034)

Kidderminster Railway Station (ref:431)

Kidderminster Railway Station Railings (ref:032)

Kidderminster Stourport Tramway (ref:041)

Kidderminster Town Hall (ref:901)

Kidderminster Workhouse (ref:601)

Kidderminster Racecourse (ref:444)

Lakes, the (ref:277)

Larches Estate, The (ref:331)

Larches, the (ref:296)

Laurel Cottage, 99 Stourbridge Rd (ref:762) 

Lea Bank Avenue (ref:233)

Lea Street School (ref:764)

Leswell House (ref:451)

Leswell Land Club (ref:453)

Leswell Lane, 11 to 17 (ref:452)

Lion and Lamb, 2 Leswell Street (ref:462)

Lion Hotel (ref:106)

Lorne Street, 36 (ref:492)

Lowe Lane, 52-54 (ref:263)

Lowe Lane, 55-58 (ref:264)

Lower Comberton (ref:477)

Lyndholm (ref:811)

Malthouse, the, Bridgnorth Rd (ref:276)

Marlpool Lane, 34 (ref:396)

Marlpool Lane, 35 (ref:395)

Mason Road (ref:729)

Milton Hall Church, Lorne St (ref:484)

Nook, the, 7 Turton Street (ref:772)

Northumberland Avenue, 16 to 37 (ref:761)

Nursery House, Franche Road (ref:851)

Oakfield, Bewdley Hill (ref;249)

Oaklands (ref:293)

Offmore road, 100 & 101, 'Alpine Cottages'

Old Peacock (ref:151)

Orchard Street (ref:665)

Park Lane, south west end (ref:733)   including the 'Doll's Houses'

Park Street, 109 (ref:777)

Park Street, 120 (ref:778)

Peel Street, 59 to 62 (ref:768)

Piano Building (ref:292)

Playhouse, the (ref:100)

Pleasant Harbour (ref:780)

Pratts Wharf (ref:048)

Pumping Station, Green Street (ref:001)

Puxton Mill, Puxton Lane (ref:398)

Railway Station Inn, 7 Farfield (ref:326)

Reservoir Road, 34 (ref:300)

Rifleman P.H. Horsefair (ref:442)

Rifle Range Halt (ref:448)

Rock Works (ref:662)

Roden Avenue, 08 (ref:774)

Roden Avenue, 47 (ref:775)

Royal Stores, Offmore Road (ref:711)

Severn Valley Railway (ref:031)

Shrubbery Cottage, Birmingham Rd (ref:463)

Shrubbery, The (ref:736)

Shrubbery St, 17 (ref:776)

Spennells Corn Mill (ref:479)

Spennells Pool and Mill (ref:482)

Springbank House, 28 Leswell Lane (ref:457)

Square & Compasses (ref:441)

St Barnabas Church (ref:163)

St Barnabas School (ref:781)

St George's Fields Land Club (ref:494)

St George's Institute, 12 Prospect Lane (ref:440)

St James Church (ref:153)

St Johns Church (ref:003)

St Johns Street (ref:725)

Staffs and Worcs Canal (ref:332)

Stanmore House, Chester Road North (ref:814)

Stourport Road, 406 (ref:299)

Summerhill (ref:298)

Summer Place (ref:281)

Summerville, Bewdley Hill (ref:284)

Sunnyside, Wolverley Road (ref:107)

Sutton Road, 192 (ref:741)

Swan, The, Swan Street (ref:744)

Swan, The, Vicar Street (ref:743)

Swedenborgian Church, Comberton Hill (ref:116)

The Lea (ref:232)

Three Crowns and Sugar Loaf (ref:098)

Tomkinsons (ref:661)

Town Mills (ref:006)

Tram shelter, Oxford St (ref:435)

Trimpley House (ref:214)

Tumbling Sailor (ref:721)

Tynings, the (ref:274)

Union Terrace, Hurcott Road (ref:447)

Vicar Street, 15 (ref:009)

Victoria Bridge (ref:038)

Weavers Cottages (ref:290)

Whitville Cottage (ref:397)

Woodfield Crescent, 043 (ref:767)

Woodfield Row (ref:248)

Woodfield Street (ref:730)

Wood Street, 106 (ref:773)

Woodward Road, 5 (ref:770)

Yew Tree House, Habberley Valley (ref:228)

Yew Tree House, Lorne Street (ref:493)

York Street, 38 (ref:779)

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